A note from the founder

Having spent three (long!) years producing them, I now understand what goes into creating a hit podcast - it can be a thankless job with little guarantee of success!

Yet each month thousands of creators embark on this laborious journey often with little plan and blissfully unaware of the tricky path ahead.

In this new world, as creators become businesses, they need an entirely new set of tools that won't look or feel like the ones of the past. They no longer need to rely on middle-men but instead be empowered so that they can build direct relationships to create both social and financial wealth in new ways and with uncapped upside.

It’s time to raise the bar by leading the global movement to empower creators to run sustainable podcasts, using products and strategies built for the modern era.

The specifics of what we work on will change over time, but we're focused on building a world that enables individuals to achieve their potential.

We have a long journey ahead of us, and we’d love for you to join us.

James Bishop
Founder OneFinePlay

We’ve made a network of hit shows

Our production legacy is a network of podcasts, cumulatively accumulating millions of listens and direct social engagements.

We provide production, distribution, strategic development and commercialisation services to our creators, whilst also developing new opportunities for podcast revenue growth and diversification.

The production team do not take on a large number of projects. Our strategy is to focus and be selective in finding talent and stories that reflect our brand values and have the capacity to be scaled into an ‘experience’ by expanding into other mediums.

For sponsorship opportunities or to join the network, contact us here.
Meet our team of experts
James Bishop

Last line of defence at OFP. Second-time founder of businesses creating experiences to win consumer attention - first in events, now with content.

Andrew Davey

Veteran lead developer of marketplace & affiliate marketing platforms for high-growth startups. Mastering the dad life.

Selena Christofides
Product Designer

Sees design as a way of leaving a mark on society and instigating social change. Responsible for making things look visually awesome at OFP.

Connor Foley
Podcast Producer

Ideates, scripts, edits, and produces OneFinePlay podcasts. But most importantly listens. Video games and literature are big passions too.

Kasra Firouzyar
Podcast Producer

Combines documentary filmmaking with the craft of audio-first narrative storytelling. Responsible for production of all our podcasts. Art house film buff.

Rob Proctor

Ex. CEO of listed podcast ad exchange. 20+ years in B2B & network sales platforms. Serial investor in podcasting & digital media sector.