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5-week live bootcamp

Build your ultimate podcast plan by participating in live sessions alongside other creators around the world. Have confidence in achieving your podcasting goals.

This 5-week bootcamp consists of interactive classes, hands-on workshops, Q&A sessions, community discussion, expert guidance, and 1 to 1 coaching support.
Screeen of a OneFinePlay bootcamp sessions with 9 guests on a call

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Next bootcamp: Mar 27 - Apr 28, 2023



How It Works

The aim of the bootcamp is to develop the business plan needed to supercharge your podcast growth and achieve results beyond your wildest dreams. We've packed everything required to supercharge you podcast into one awesome live experience whist also connecting and having fun with other podcast creators on the same path
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Live Lessons

Held live on Mondays 1600 - 1800 BST, we deliver the core bootcamp content. It's the priority session of the week you don't want to miss.

Each session has 60-90 minutes of teaching, followed by an open Q&A for you to ask  questions on the topic.

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Guest Firesides

On Wednesday a guest joins us for a fireside chat plus Q&A - so there's an opportunity for you to ask them those pressing questions.

They'll share their experience, expertise, tips, and perspective to help with your growth on the focus area of the week.

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There's a practical workshop on Thursday that dives deeper into the week's topics. It's a great dedicated time for you to progress your plans.

It's a space to work through the various parts of your digital workspace and ask any questions in a smaller group setting.


Pre-Bootcamp Orientation

You’ll learn more about the programme and what to expect in the coming weeks. You'll also meet your classmates and instructors and get a chance to ask any questions you may have. This is also a chance to complete the bootcamp prep-work using PlanPod and to get you up to speed on the workflows and tools we'll be using

- Create PlanPod & Circle accounts
- Connect with your classmates from around the world
- Meet your bootcamp instructors
- Complete practical PlanPod LIVE prep tasks

Week 1 - Mindset

In the first week of get a bootcamp intro and explore your podcasting motivations and ambitions. You’ll also think about the greater impact your podcast has and connection you want make with your community.

- Be clear on what you want to achieve
- Identify how you'll make your podcast personally work for you
- Align your execution with ambition and manage your expectations accordingly
- Consider what’s stopping it becoming a global brand

Week 2 - Community

In the second week, we’ll tackle two main podcasting hurdles: understanding the industries your show reaches and who the target audience is. We’ll cover:

- How combining industry and audience helps in picking and refining an appropriate niche
- How you accelerate growth by understanding your podcast competition
- Establishing the value proposition of your podcast, both implicit and explicit
- The formula to ensure your content is always finding new ears

Week 3- Marketing

The third week is all about establish the foundations of marketing a podcast. There’s a lot to get through, understand and reflect on. Plus we want to answer all your questions. We’ll look at:

- Identifying how you can win the attention you want effectively and efficiently
- What you are doing to make it easy for listeners to become raving fans
- Tips and tricks for finding out who is actually listening, rather than guessing who
- Strategies for systemising your marketing efforts so it’s manageable

Week 4 - Monetisation

In week four we’ll unpack the popular strategies, processes and structures applied in order to maintain and grow a commercially sustainable podcast. We’ll cover:

- Understanding all the methods of generating income through audience monetisation
- How to start making money, regardless of how many downloads you’re getting
- Get to grips with how brands advertising on podcasts works, including all the jargon!
- Why, ultimately for best results, you should be laser focused on your brand experience

Week 5 - Creative

In the last week, we’ll look at taking what you’ve uncovered so far and applying it to your podcast creative - concept, story, guests, characters, structure, production & publishing.

- Understand your story aims, develop a structure and embrace creative bravery
- Why overestimating yourself is the unlock to growth
- How to be creatively brave, take risks, be playful and push the boundaries
- What makes a good episode title and how to improve and test your own

Post-Bootcamp Wrap

Our final live session is a fun wrap party! 🎉 You'll join our alumni of experienced podcasters around the world who stay connected in our community channel and via virtual meet-ups.

- Present your final plans to your classmates
- Graduate together
- Join our Alumni of experienced podcasters
- Attend regular events to support you after the bootcamp has finished


OneFinePlay's Bootcamp timetable

Every Bootcamp Includes

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On Demand

It's unlikely you'll attend every session so they are all recorded and you'll have lifetime access to everything.

'Personalised feedback' icon


Throughout the bootcamp you'll receive feedback from a coach on the work in your digital workspace.

'Classmates' icon, in white


We limit class sizes to foster a safe and personalised learning experience for everyone around the world..

Graduation cap icon in white


You'll get lifetime access to our private bootcamp community, hosted on Slack - it's a student favourite

Sessions icon in white


We'll be using PlanPod - our digital workspace - throughout the bootcamp. You get access for 1 year from enrolment.

'Discount' icon, in white


Available only to Bootcamp alumni. you'll receive benefits and discounts from both OneFinePlay and our extended family.

Meet Your Coaches

Matt, a team member of OneFinePlay
Matthew Cheney
Head Coach & Content Producer

17+ years in media and formerly of Vice Media, award-winning sound engineer Matt excels in social, podcast & branded content production.

James Bishop, CEO of OneFinePlay
James Bishop
Producer & Strategist

Second-time founder of businesses creating experiences to win consumer attention - first in events, now with content. Ex GB athlete.


5-week 'live' bootcamp
/ per seat
5 x live lessons
10 x practical workshops
Guest fireside chats, with Q&A
Regular feedback from a coach on your work
1 year access to your digital workspace
Access to all the session recordings
Access private alumni group in our Slack community

Moneyback Guarantee

We want the decision to investment in this bootcamp to be an absolute no-brainer for you and we know there are lots of courses on the market that over-promise. For that reason we offer a money back guarantee.

So....if you attend classes, watch the video lessons, complete the assignments and still don’t find the course useful, we'll happily refund your full payment within 60 days of the start of the course. Please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually attend 75%+ of lessons and complete the assignments.


When is the next bootcamp?

Bootcamp dates for 2024 have not been released yet. Check back soon.

What time are the core live sessions?

Live sessions will be hosted on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 14:00 to 16:00 BST.

On top of that, we'll host Guest Seminars on Wednesdays - times will vary but they'll all start between 16:00 - 1900 BST.

How do I know if this course is for me?


You want to take being a podcast creator seriously. If you’re committed to growing your online brand and putting yourself in the best position to build, sustain and succeed at this podcasting thing, we're here to help you and you'll get lots of value from the bootcamp.


You aren't willing to put in the time and effort to make it work. Here are some red flags for things that might not make you a good fit:

- if you aren't willing to take the time or do the work to plan properly
- if you aren't actually looking to create more opportunity from your podcast
- if you aren't willing to discuss, reflect, adapt, test, learn and fail
- if you are looking for the 'secret' to podcast growth
- if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme
- if you are looking for a guaranteed path to a download target  

I’ve made 100+ episodes already, is this course for me?

The bootcamp is aimed at all abilities. Having 100 episodes published provides you with a really solid foundation to grow, monetise and scale your published and we hope we can help you do that through the lessons on the bootcamp.

What sort of podcast is the course suitable for?

The bootcamp is not tailored to any specific genre/style of podcast.

That being said, 'interview' shows are particularly ideal for this course and make the basis for the material as this is where most people start.

The thinking in the bootcamp can be applied to any genre of show and we'll be on hand ensure you feel able to apply these methods to your podcast.

How long does the bootcamp last?

The bootcamp lasts 5 weeks.

Do I need to attend all the sessions?

Definitely not. This is a part-time course and therefore it's designed in a way that you can fit it in your already busy calendar.

We encourage you to pick the sessions that resonate with you and feel most relevant to your needs

You can always watch the rest using your lifetime access to session recordings.

How many downloads do I need to join?

This bootcamp helps everyone move their podcast forward regardless of what stage of the journey they're at.

Do I need to have a podcast to join the course?

No, it's not compulsory but the bootcamp does presume that you are already comfortable with the basics of the podcasting flywheel.

Do I need to know how to edit?

In short, no! The technicalities of editing is not covered in the bootcamp at all. We're aware that the majority of creators outsource this part of the process so we've built a curriculum in line with this.

Still have questions?

Drop us a message and we'll do our best to help.