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Fed up with scanning blog posts and asking in Facebook Groups for the answers to those burning podcasting questions? Access educational videos, guides and other resources, all in one place and digestible in your own time. Information backed by proven results, experience and, ultimately, our reputation as creators!

The directory

The Podcast Directory is a record of all the stuff in podcasting that we’ve discovered on our own journey as podcast creators. We wish this had existed when we started out so decided we'd solve the problem for others by building and sharing it. Available to you free of charge, kept up-to-date and all in one place.

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Glossary of Podcasting Terms

There are so many acronyms and technical terms in podcasting that sometimes it's hard to follow and understand what's going on! Consider this glossary a safe place to come and decipher what all these industry slang words and phrases actually mean for you. Always being updated and simplified by the OneFinePlay team.

Video Library

An ever-growing bank of videos - that you won't find anywhere else - with advice on making a podcast that works for you. A centralised destination for us at OneFinePlay to share our knowledge on the pillars of growing a sustainable podcast. A resource for you to refer back to whenever you need.

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