Apple Announces iTunes Closure

During the 2019 annual developer’s conference, Apple announced the end of an era: the discontinuation of iTunes.  Instead, the tech giant confirmed, it will be separating the iTunes offering into three different apps: Apple TV, Apple Music, and Podcasts. 

This won’t come as a surprise to those within the industry, as the unintuitive, outdated platform has been something of a standing joke for several years now. Remember that time every single user automatically had U2’s latest album synced to their device? Yeah.

So, what will change for the average user? Not much. You’ll still be able to access your content - it’ll be in one of the aforementioned apps. You may be pleased to find out, however, that you will no longer have to waste precious seconds of your life closing iTunes every single time you plug your phone in to charge. 

Debuted in 2013, iTunes has had a good run. It all but solved a huge pain point in the industry, when pirated music and illegal downloads were at their peak. But, it’s now time to move on. R.I.P iTunes - you were as pioneering as you are now redundant.




NewsJames Bishop