BBC Sounds App Flops

BBC annoys users in an effort to move into podcast space

BBC listeners and viewers are understandably starting to get fed up of the broadcasting house’s seemingly perpetual plugs for its Sounds app.

According to the Times, BBC radio stations broadcast “1,475 minutes of adverts for the radio, podcasts and music app last year” - more than 24 hours collectively, despite not having been launched yet.

And that’s just on their audio channels… Further analysis showed the BBC televised a further 582 minutes of promotion. The Sounds figures do not include adverts bought elsewhere with licence fee money.

In fact, The Times revealed last year that the BBC had set aside £10 million to market the app. To make matters worse, the app suffered multiple technical problems, which resulted in a pretty poor app store rating of 2.1 out of 5…

However, the rating has been wiped following the BBC request for it to be reset. In the BBC’s defence, they did make certain improvements to the app, including support for in-car listening, which led to a revised rating of 4.3. Resetting app ratings after significant updates is encouraged by Apple, a BBC spokesman said. 




NewsJames Bishop