Apple Podcast Categories Have Disappeared

Users have recently noticed, upon opening the Apple Podcasts app, that the entire podcast categories menu has vanished. Apple had in fact sent out an email not long ago informing podcasters that they could start updating their shows using the new categories and subcategories.

The company announced: “Changes to the enhanced Apple Podcasts categories are scheduled to go live later this summer” and “in preparation for that, the category menu may be temporarily removed.” Watch this space as the tech giant tailors and perfects its podcast offering. Hopefully it won't have deterred its current users by the time it works - we don't want a BBC sounds repeat.

As categories are linked to the charts, Apple really had no choice in the scenario but to remove all categories simultaneously. Otherwise, listeners might see the Joe Rogan Experience disappear, and a random podcast on triathlons jump up in the charts. This would be pretty confusing all round, but especially for anyone looking to advertise on a popular podcast.

So, it would seem the tech giant weighed up their options and chose to confuse some people over confusing others. It probably does make more sense to take it all offline, allow users to reorganise their media files, then bring it back - which they have now done.




NewsJames Bishop