Force of Nature with Clover Hogan

The Show

Clover Hogan has been on the planet 20 years, and spent the past 10 working to save it. She believes it’s possible. She also believes that the threat even greater than climate change is our feeling of powerlessness in the face of it.

In this podcast, Clover sits down with the people who are leading the charge: from the woman who started a global movement out of her backyard; to the lawyer responsible for the world’s most historic climate agreement; and a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Listen to this podcast if you’re anxious that the future will be a dystopian blockbuster. If you know the solution is bigger than buying another reusable coffee cup. And if you want to make a difference but don’t know where to start.

This is your crash course in becoming a Force of Nature.

About The Host

Clover Hogan is a 21-year-old climate activist, researcher on eco-anxiety, and the founder of Force of Nature - a youth-led organisation empowering Gen Z to step up, rather than shut down, in the face of the climate crisis. She has worked alongside the world’s leading authorities on sustainability, within the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, and inside classrooms across the UK.

Clover is also campaign strategist for #MyEcoResolution, serves as a trustee to Global Action Plan, and is on the advisory board of the National Community Lottery's Climate Action Fund.


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