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We all know the kitchen is where stuff happens. It’s there that we chew the fat, make life’s big decisions and, when no one’s watching, slurp straight from the tin.

Join me, Anna Barnett, as I head into the kitchens of celebrity guests to swoon over the styling, discuss their career highs and lows, and get stuck in to some serious food chat.

Each weekly episode ends with our guest showing us their strongest sandwich game - and very possibly the contents of their fridge!

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About The Host

Anna Barnett ( is a chef and food writer. She moved to London to work in TV and enjoyed a career at both MTV and Channel 4 before moving into fashion. Life has always been experienced through the lens of good food, however, and she released her debut cookery book ‘Eat the Week’ in 2015, after which she spent several years writing ‘The Reluctant Vegetarian’ blog for the Independent newspaper whilst also contributing to Vogue magazine.

She went on to write the food pages for Grazia magazine; she now has a weekly column writing for The Evening Standard online. In 2019 Anna wrote and styled ‘How to be Gluten Free and Not Lose Friends’, her second cookery book. Anna regularly hosts pop-up restaurants, collaborates with brands, caters private events as well as hosting cookery classes at her home in east London.

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