PlanPod guides you through the creation of a comprehensive podcast plan and provides the tools to ensure you have confidence in achieving your goals.

Perfect whether you're growing your show or just starting out.

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Watch videos. learn faster.

View explainer videos to provoke your understanding and thinking. Gain insight from other podcast creators on how they approached these same questions.

define your why, who & how.

Understand the purpose, audience, and execution of your show. Utilise our carefully selected questions to devise a plan and feel secure in achieving your objectives.

Take IMMEDIATE action.

We initially compiled a list of these tools and resources to streamline our own workflow. Having been tested and proven effective, we're making them accessible to you!



We've created a framework that creators can use to supercharge their shows.


Explore your podcasting motivations, ambitions and ultimate dreams.


Dive into the story, personality and journey of your host(s).


Understand your target audience and define listener personas.


Identify the industry, market and the competition of your podcast.


Strategise all the potential marketing avenues for your podcast.


Make money from sponsorship and community development.


The impact and connection you'll make with your audience.


Design a show structure to tell stories that grow your fan base.


Review your concept, production process and publishing plan.


two ways to GET STARTED

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£150 / year

self paced WORKBOOK

Develop a business plan for your podcast and be confident in achieving your goals. Explainer videos, exercises to get you thinking and recommended actions to take.

9 modules of exercises, videos and resources
Complete your own podcast 'business' plan
Feedback on your plans from an expert via the app
See how other creators approached the same questions
Easily share your finished plan online via a link
Invite-only opportunities & experiences
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live 5-WEEK bootcamp

A five-week immersive digital education for ambitious podcasters. You'll take a learn-by-doing approach during live sessions with fellow creators around the world.

Cohort based 'learn-by-doing' live learning
12 months free access to your PlanPod workbook
Virtual classes and practical workshops
Private community chat & hangouts
1 to 1 coaching support from a podcasting expert
Industry experts sharing wisdom in private firesides


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How do I access PlanPod?

PlanPod is best accessed on your computer, or laptop. You can also access it via tablet or smartphone however we do not yet have an official app.

You can access PlanPod here.

I don't have a podcast yet. Can you still help?

Yes! When you are signing up, select the 'Working Title' option and you'll be able to use our features to plan your podcast.

Once you launch your podcast you'll be able to connect your RSS feed so it updates automatically with the latest show information.

How do you know the material within PlanPod actually works?

In short, we're practitioners of what we preach - we feel the same podcasting pains as you.

PlanPod was built to share what we're learning from doing it ourselves. At our production company, OneFinePlay, we produce a network of our own podcasts. This means we have producers, audio engineers, hosts, designers, marketeers, and a sales team going through the daily grind of making podcasts and getting people to listen to them.

Our team work closely together to help make sure you get the up-to-date and personal care you need. When it comes to your podcast, you want someone who has been there and done that in audio-first storytelling - that's us.

Can I trust you? Are you qualified?

Although we’re online, we’re not robots, and you’ll be speaking with us directly from the moment you join the community.

We’ve got lots of related qualifications, combined decades of expertise and a long track record of happy customers. Collectively we've worked on projects from global media publishers to internationally recognised brands and influencers.

Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

We'll be sad to see you go 😔  but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Currently we only offer one plan and it's an annual subscription. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your billing period and your card will not be charged again.

To cancel your subscription please contact us here. We usually take care of this in 24 hours.

Still have questions?

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