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We originally built these tools to make our own lives easier and more efficient. Tried and tested, we're now making them available to you! From the sponsorship pitch builder to a slick way to send invitations to potential guests as well as a pricing calculator and marketplace full of brands actively looking to support podcasts.

Sponsorship Pitch Deck

Use our proven format to easily create your customised pitch using a proven format we know sponsors love. Your pitch is online in one centralised place and always up-to-date with your latest content. The on-page contact form makes it easy for you to pick up leads and close deals faster.

Guest Outreach Invitation

A slick invite to share with your potential dream guests. They'll find a personalised message, all the info on your show including previous guests and episodes, details on your ask and what to expect and even an easy way to RSVP. Share the invitation link via your own email or send from within OneFinePlay.

Pricing Calculator

OneFinePlay suggests the perfect way for you to work with sponsors, including how much to ask for. Find out how much you could be charging for podcast adverts in the current market. Discover how your ambitions and network could improve how much you earn. Our calculator isn’t interested in your podcast downloads.

Hire Your Podcast Team

You tell us about the project and role, and we’ll quickly source and recommend the right people from our ‘extended family’ of audio creators. We’ll provide you a short list of candidates for each role, facilitate the interview, negotiate rates and ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly.

Podcast Directory

The Directory is a record of all the stuff in podcasting that we’ve discovered on our own journey as podcast creators. We wish this had existed when we started out so decided we'd solve the problem for others by building and sharing it. Available to you free of charge, kept updated and all in one place.

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