Your Podcast Pitch, Sorted.

OneFinePlay is a toolbox of growth products for podcast creators. Our flagship feature is an interactive sponsorship pitch builder.


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use our proven format

Easily create your customised pitch using a proven format we know sponsors love.
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ditch those Pdf's

Your pitch online, in one centralised place and always up-to-date with your latest content.
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faster results

The on-page contact form make it easy for you to pick up leads and close deals faster.

What's included in your podcast sponsorship pitch:

Provide a podcast summary and the highlight moments so far.
Add a bio for everyone involved in the making of your podcast.
Show the guests you’ve had on the podcast previously.
Your latest reviews appear in your pitch straight from Apple Podcasts.
Listen to your latest podcast episodes without leaving the pitch.
Describe your listeners and show an overview of the analytics.
what's next
Add details on the future plans for your podcast.
Share your minimum sponsorship fees.


At OneFinePlay we're developing a podcasting 'brain' that we call Cyril.

Cyril analyses your podcast RSS feed, giving a weighting to varying factors, and uses this to determine your ‘CyrilScore.’ Our smart algorithm combines your CyrilScore with the up-to-date knowledge it has on the market conditions and the answers you give about experience and motivations when you use the calculator in order to calculates your potential sponsorship rates. 
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industry smart

Find out how much you could be charging for your podcast in the current market.
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matches your ambition

Discover how your ambitions, goals and network could improve how much you earn.
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no show too 'small'

Our calculator isn’t interested in your podcast downloads or other vanity metrics.

access to expert help

Online advice is included with every subscription but sometimes you need that little extra support which is where these one-off, non-subscription services come in. Work offline with our team of specialists to supercharge your current podcast concept. 

podcast review

£195 + VAT
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We Actually Listen To Your Show
A personalised podcast audit from a producer with experience of making chart-topping shows.
360 Review
Creative, marketing, technical & more - the audit details the good and areas to improve, with ideas.
No-Risk Guarantee
If you don't feel you've learnt something to help grow your podcast, we'll refund you.

pitch writing

From £300 + VAT
pitch writing illustration
Done For You
You brief us on a discovery call, then our expert team takes care of putting your pitch together.
Proven Track Record
Your pitch is written by a specialist with a proven record securing podcast sponsorship.
Quick Turn Around
A first draft is usually delivered within 3 business days, and revisions 24 hours after that.

concept development

£2,500 + VAT
concept development illustration
A Deep Dive
We tackle the strategic thinking of your show. We can work with any level of developed concept.
Expert Advice
You'll interact directly with our team on everything from creative to market size & monetisation.
Comprehensive Growth Plan
You leave with an ambitious growth plan. Our door will be open afterwards for further advice.

OneFinePlay is £20/mo for our beta users. Forever.

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* You will be asked to enter your credit card information to start the trial but your card will not be charged until the end of the 14 days.

features coming soon

Grow your podcast into a thriving brand.

Implement an ambitious growth plan to supercharge your podcast, leaving you the space to focus on being the heart of the show.

listener surveys

Engage with your community.
listener surveys illustration
Engage & Understand
Gather feedback from your community using surveys, quizzes & polls.
Analyse & Share
Analyse your results and share the findings in your sponsor pitch.
Make Smarter Decisions
Use the insight to make data-driven decisions to grow your podcast.

personal growth plan

Growth programs to fit your needs.
personal growth plan illustration
Strategic Plan
Implement a strategic growth ‘business plan’ to supercharge your podcast.
Stop Guessing
Discover tactics used by top podcasters and grow your show into a thriving brand.
Boost Your Influence
Get personalised recommendations on how & where to improve your podcast.

sponsor marketplace

Connect with global brands.
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Go To Market Fast
Connect with global brands already spending with the biggest podcasts.
Creative Freedom
Maximise the commercial opportunity of your entire podcast experience.
You’re In Control
No hidden fees. Design a deal that works for you. Manage it all within OneFinePlay.

Your Free Podcasting Advice Call

Whether you have a specific question or are just exploring your options, we offer a free 30 minute consultation to help you with your podcast.

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