Selbey Anderson

We collaborated with a marketing group to create a series of podcasts that won them work and built their brand.

Background & first steps

Selbey Anderson is a global marketing group that helps businesses solve complex marketing challenges.

In 2021, Selbey Anderson's managing director, Dominic Hawes, approached us to make content with them. We knew this would be a successful collaboration.

Selbey Anderson was creating two shows at the same time: Marketing Trek and Unicorny. We began working with them only on Marketing Trek, but, due to the success of the partnership, we later took on Unicorny as well.


  • A New Style: We agreed to take on Marketing Trek, which was an expansive, journalistic exploration of the hottest topics in marketing. It was a unique and challenging show with high production value. Usually, every episode would have 3–4 different guest interviews. There was also a lot of voiceover. We crafted lengthy scripts that would be used as host narration. Blending music and sound effects. This was a complex but highly informative show. Selbey Anderson would attest that feedback from listeners was positive across the board.
  • Recording: Selbey Anderson had not been filming their podcasts. We encouraged them to rethink this and came up with a plan for adding video. We would travel to their studio with our equipment. We trained them on how to setup audio, cameras, and lights. This training meant we could have a much faster turn around for content. It also meant that by the time Selbey Anderson was done working with us, they had the knowledge to go and record on their own.
  • Brand Identity: Selbey Anderson wanted to evolve the branding for both their shows. With the help of our graphic designer, we developed a striking and distinctive brand identity that could be used across all their content. This helped communicate to listeners that the podcasts were connected but distinct. It also made the content more shareable and visually appealing.

impact & achievements

We produced 30 episodes across both shows for Selbey Anderson. The increase in production value, and the addition of video, helped bring both podcasts to new audiences. Listener feedback was also exceptionally positive.

Selbey Anderson also benefited from our training and coaching. They got insights into podcast marketing and learned skills to create content independently. Relationships with guests and clients were also strengthened due to the impressive production in which they invested.

By the end of our collaboration, Selbey Anderson had two branded podcasts that made them authorities in the B2B Marketing sphere.

  • Growth in listenership.
  • Created a strong brand identity.
  • Improved client relationships.