Rebecca Dennis

OneFinePlay collaborated with an internationally acclaimed breathwork expert to create a podcast with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Background & first steps

Rebecca Dennis is an author and breath and body coach. She first approached OneFinePlay in 2019 with a desire to make a podcast.

We first met Rebecca in our London-based studio. She wanted to record a podcast that could be a safe space for listeners. A show that promoted her ideals of work-life balance, breath work, and mental health.

After getting to know her, we developed the innovative concept of episode couplets. One episode would be an interview with a high profile guest. The next is a calming meditation based on the interview.


  • Education and Coaching: Rebecca had no previous podcasting experience. We coached Rebecca on delivery, engaging with guests, and creating a three-act structure in her episodes. By the time season 1 was completed, Rebecca had a strong host identity. She was composed on the microphone. She was able to deliver high quality interviews and captivating meditations. Her evolution as a host reflected her increased media work.
  • Sonic branding: The audio identity of a podcast has to match the concept and tone. One of the most striking aspects of And Breathe is the exquisite music and sound effects. This created a calming, meditative tone throughout the show, which helped it stand out and become a place where listeners could find peace.
  • Developing exercise format: One unusual but important aspect of the show are the meditation episodes. This concept was devised by the OFP team and set to music. Delicately designed, paced and sequenced, they would break the traditional podcast format. It was an experimental form. But these special episodes would prove to have the highest rates of repeat listens. And they continue to get the most glowing comments and feedback to this day.
  • Compelling interviews: In the standard interview episodes, we worked with Rebecca to construct a compelling narrative through the questions. These interviews were very well received. And the profile of the guests (e.g. Fearne Cotton) reflected the strength of the narratives.

impact & achievements

We have produced the entire series comprising of over 25 episodes. Our work included the editing and recording of episodes. We produced social clips, posted on hosting platforms and assisted with marketing. We also created the visual brand identity.

Rebecca would go on to author several books after release of the podcast. And Breathe was also monetised with several brands sponsoring the show.

The podcast also contributed to Rebecca’s growing community surrounding, Breathing Tree. She is now globally recognised speaker working with brands such as Google, Nivea, L’Oreal, Stylist Magazine and the BBC.

Most importantly, And Breathe is an example of evergreen content with a positive impact - we continue to track thousands of downloads and listens to the show weekly.

  • Over 500,000 downloads worldwide
  • 3-book deal secured
  • Secured globally recognised guests including Fearne Cotton and Tom Middleton.
  • Multiple sponsorship deals secured