Novartis Pharmaceuticals

OneFinePlay collaborated with Novartis, the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the world, to make 30 podcast episodes in 72 hours, all in Las Vegas.

Background & first steps

Dan Kendall, the head of Mission Based Media, an award winning health podcast network, was approached by Novartis and given what seemed like an impossible task: to fly out to Las Vegas for the global HLTH event and create 30 podcast episodes in 2 days.

So he contacted us, knowing our track record for delivering on time and to a high standard.

We said yes. And so the adventure begins.


  • Time: The most obvious obstacle was the time pressure. We had 30 recordings to carry out in 2 days. So we put together a tight production plan. We made sure  guests were in the right place at the right time. We created a calm atmosphere for the host and guest in spite of the time pressures. And last but not least, when a recording was complete, we made sure that guests still got the star treatment despite the conveyor belt they were on.
  • Guest Finding: We agreed to deliver 30 episodes. 30 guests had agreed. But 10 dropped out at the last minute. So we took it upon ourselves to find another 10 at the event. We found a high-calibre guest to preserve the quality of the content. In the end, it was hard to tell the difference between the guests who had pre-agreed and the impromptu guests, such was the standard of the final 10 we found.
  • A Global Standard: Novartis is a global brand with a global reputation. It was important to ensure the quality of the content wasn’t compromised despite the time limitations. So we made sure we were prepared before the recording and maintained laser-sharp focus throughout.

impact & achievements

  • All 30 episodes were recorded and delivered on time and to a professional standard, whilst in a live setting
  • The content featured voices from the cutting edge of health technology, documenting the state of the industry at the time.
  • The content was delivered just a year ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic and proved to be a timely and urgent piece of work.
  • Novartis published the content on their platform for their staff worldwide. This meant that the insights gathered at the event were made accessible to all staff despite geographical, financial, or any other kind of barrier.