We partnered to create an insightful internal video series for employees to voice their ambitions & concerns to the company CEO’s.

Background & first steps

Vodafone had toyed with various methods of collating feedback from their employees during a pivotal moment of transition for the company.

Some methods seemed indiscrete and the heads were concerned it may stifle some of the actuals views of the employees. Other methods seemed to distant and faceless. Other methods were too time-consuming for the time poor execs of this global company.

So OneFinePlay suggested a video series.


  • Honesty - The basis for the video was a set of generic questions we asked all employees followed by a safe space segment where employees could say whatever they wish. For this kind of concept creating an atmosphere of trust was integral. To do this we guaranteed all participants that they had an option of final cut on the videos. This meant sending out the video to be signed off by all participants before sending it to the C-Suite. This meant the participants could relax in the knowledge that nothing they said would be taken out of context and anything they weren’t happy with being shared could be removed. This got the most out of them.
  • Participant Safety - Furthermore we wanted to ensure on the other side that nothing said could in any way compromise the participants so we got further assurances from the company heads and those involved in commissioning the video that there would be no negative consequences for anything raised in the video.
  • Entertaining - As well as containing some more emotionally charged content, there was also an abundance of venting about rather banal issues such as admin and bureaucracy. The way we ensure we could sustain the attention of the viewers of this content was to make it entertaining. We did this with fast, sharp and dynamic cutting, music sound FX, graphics and humour. The feedback we received was that the C-Suite, along with finding it highly informative, were entertained from start to finish. Mission accomplished.

impact & achievements

  • Produced a video that bridged the gap between employees of one of the world’s largest companies and the company C-Suite.
  • Anecdotally, this video led to greater work satisfaction at the company and made many employees felt seen and heard.
  • Some of the suggestions made in the video went on to influence key decisions about product, pricing and marketing going forward.