Ross Kemp

The UK’s favourite media personalities collaborated with OneFinePlay for the Kempcast, a show about overcoming life’s toughest challenges.

Background & first steps

Britain’s TV hard man Ross Kemp and his team, The Chancer Collective, approached us with an idea to make a podcast.

This was during a time where many celebrities were jumping on the podcast bandwagon and the perceived barrier to entry was low. And so many higher profile podcasts we were presented with at the time lacked much conceptual integrity.

We didn’t want Ross to make a vapid podcast so we set off to make him a podcast with a heart.


  • A Strong Idea - We needed to give the show a North Star to stop it from becoming self-indulgent rambling. We thought about what things people identify with Ross Kemp that could work well as the basis for a podcast idea and one thing jumped out at us: tough moments. Ross has famously put himself in many tough moments and, as a documentarian, has explored people in tough situations. So this would be the basis for the show - interviews with extraordinary people about their toughest moments and how they overcame them. It would give the show a purpose, a sense of consistency and most importantly give the audience something that could serve as an inspiration in their own lives.
  • Hosting - Despite having decades of experience in the media, podcasting was a new medium for Ross. Our responsibility was making the transition for Ross as smooth as possible. This meant a combination of taking tricks of the trade he had picked up from his previous ventures and leveraging them for the podcast as well as teaching him a few techniques that lend themselves well to concentrated long-form media content such as a podcast. Mainly this came down to encouraging him to share more of his own story and not be a bystander in his own show.

impact & achievements

  • Globally recognised celebrity guests including Jamal Edwards, Micah Richards and Chris Moyles.
  • Over 100,000 views & downloads per episode
  • Sponsorships secured with leading brands.