Right From Wrong

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In 2011, Jacob found himself in a situation that would alter the course of his life. A single punch thrown in a moment of anger resulted in tragic consequences, taking the life of another young man, James Hodgkinson. Through interviews with Jacob Dunne, and many of those affected by the events, we explore the ripple effect of how this incident triggered Jacob’s punishment, rehabilitation and redemption. We uncover how his encounter with James’s parents, Joan Scourfield and David Hodgkinson, through the restorative justice process, became the catalyst for change.

The podcast explores how restorative justice focuses on healing for victims and offenders. This is not just Jacob’s story; it’s an exploration on the complexities of guilt, forgiveness, courage and the human capacity for transformation. It challenges listeners to reconsider their perceptions of justice, punishment, and the power of empathy.

We dig deeper into restorative justice, understanding the intricate dynamics of guilt, trauma, shame and mercy and explore how society and culture shape our behaviours. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of accountability and compassion.