Rose Ferguson & Eve Kalinik

OneFinePlay collaborated with two wellness experts, which made them authorities in health and wellbeing podcasts.

Background & first steps

Eve Kalinik is a nutritional therapist, health writer, and brand consultant. Rosemary Ferguson is a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner.

Eve and Rose approached OneFinePlay in 2020 with the desire to make a podcast about wellness. They wanted to start a show with us with a strong concept and brand identity. In particular, they wanted a podcast that could run for years and bring real value to listeners.

We developed an innovative concept where Eve and Rosemary would trail health and wellness trends. They would draw on their professional knowledge and experience, to determine whether these trends have true health and nutritional benefits.


  • Innovation: Health and wellbeing are one of the most popular genres of podcasting. Especially during the pandemic. The opportunity here is that there is a huge audience. But the obstacle is saturation. So we developed something unique. A concept that would be informative, topical but would have a challenge element to it as well. This meant we had an innovative concept that could strengthen the concept, add a challenge element, and help the show stand out.
  • Research: The mythbusting element of the podcast meant the information and messaging had to be as accurate as possible. We created comprehensive research documents that both hosts could digest before recording. We also implemented disclaimers and created extensive reading lists in the show notes. This gave the audience access to as much information as possible, making the show informed, accurate, and insightful.
  • Production Process: Eve and Rose had never made a podcast. So, they had no experience in this form of production. The podcast is comprised of several sections. One being audio diary entries detailing each host’s journey exploring the trend for a week. We made this during the pandemic, so most recordings were done remotely. These issues presented production challenges. But we created a workflow that allowed all parties to work independently. We created solutions that were fast, creative, and effective. Both Eve and Rose had a strong knowledge of the recording process after season 1.
  • Marketing: Rose and Eve had done great work building their personal brands. But this was a podcast and new territory for them. We held calls to strategise the podcast marketing plan. We helped them implement a strong marketing and PR campaign that ensured we weren't invisible upon release. This was reflected in the strength of the listenership for the first episode.
  • Working with Sponsors: Eve and Rose had strong brand relationships already. But these brands weren’t very experienced in sponsoring podcasts. We were able to speak to these advertisers and leverage these relationships. We worked with sponsors to align on messaging and created ad reads that both benefited the brand and listeners. Eve's work with these brands has continued to this day.

impact & achievements

We designed & produced the first season - researching, scripting, editing, & filming episodes. We created social clips, posted them on hosting platforms, and assisted with marketing. We also created the visual brand identity.

After our one-season collaboration, both Eve and Rose were experienced enough to do it alone. The show has continued to grow and release episodes to this day.

Eve and Rose are two of the major authorities in health and wellbeing podcasts.

  • Sponsorship deal secured before launch
  • A unique concept was developed away from the standard interview show