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creative development

A stress free series of creatively led, but diligently focussed conversations designed to generate practical, applicable ideas as efficiently as possible.

Across the sessions we will work through the nine topics we believe are essential to the mapping of a strong content plan.



Build the business case

Opportunity, commercials, risks, and considerations for short-term versus long-term outcomes are crucial aspects to explore. There are options available for revenue generation through brand development, B2B sales and audience monetisation.

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Identify target audiences

Defining your target audience involves understanding who they are and why your content, such as a podcast, is relevant to them. It's essential to articulate why they should care about the content you are producing.

Around the clock creator support by DM from humans

Weekly content accountability calls with a dedicated coach

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Build a purposeful narrative

We determine the best format to use to story-tell and establish how the content pieces connect together seamlessly as well as identifying the voices (and faces) that represent the content, defining what makes them relevant to the narrative.

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Design sustainable growth plans

Leveraging The OneFinePlay System for content production and distribution, we establish a systematic process to guarantee a continuous stream of content that is both 'always on' and tailored to deliver value to the target audience. Additionally, we optimise the content strategy to drive consistent engagement.

Around the clock creator support by DM from humans

Weekly content accountability calls with a dedicated coach

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Session 1 - Foundations

Topics We’ll Cover

Goals: Explore your content motivations and ambitions to bring clarity to your decision-making.
Relevance: Define the character of your host. Consider their background, preferences, and the journey they're on.
Community: Understand your current community, better identify your target audience and create listener personas.
Opportunity: Identify the market your content is aimed at, your competition and what you know about the creator economy.

Session 2 - Marketing & Monetisation

Topics We’ll Cover

Marketing: Strategise how to make the most of the content's marketing without overwhelm but equally not just relying on a few social posts.
Monetisation: Explore advertising, premium subscription, brand experience & personal brand opportunities.
Brand: Define the impact your contnet will have and connection you want to make with your audience.

Session 3 - Ideation & Creative

Topics We’ll Cover

Message: Better articulate your story intentions, develop a tight show structure and how to retain listeners.

What To Expect

At this meeting, we will present some creative concepts and ideas for discussion and imagine how each one could come to life, based on all the learnings and discovery from the first couple of sessions. This allows us to discuss the ideas in context and for you to add your specialist topic knowledge. We’ll work on an episode structure for the show idea/s we’re discussing.

Session 4 - Development & Refinement

Topics We’ll Cover

Show: Review your macro concept, production process and publishing plan to align with your vision

What To Expect

We sit down for the last time and will present the concept/s we’ve developed by getting into the detail of the directions that you like, taking the idea for a test drive ie. imagine how a show would look by roughly imaging potential guests, script outline and associated opportunities. This will give an opportunity to answer any questions and refine details. The goal is to ensure you’re happy with what’s been presented and feeling confident to move forwards.


Four engaging sessions

The process is a mix of collaborative sessions and 'homework' for everyone!

Held online

Recorded for future reference and continuous learning.

Each lasting 90 mins

Concise, impactful sessions ensuring focused and efficient conversation.


Strategy Doc

Written treatment outlining the strategic and creative decisions.

Practical Guidance

Guidance for implementing the contents of the final treatment.


45 minute check-in session, 4-6 weeks after the project concludes.

Meet Your Coaches

Matthew Cheney
Head Coach & Content Producer

17+ years in media and formerly of Vice Media, award-winning sound engineer Matt excels in social, podcast & branded content production.

Kasra Firouzyar
Podcast Producer

Combines documentary filmmaking with the craft of audio-first narrative storytelling. Responsible for millions of podcast downloads.

James Bishop
Producer & Strategist

15+ years building businesses that create experiences to win consumer attention - first in events, now with content. Podcast host & ex GB athlete.

Selena Christofides
Content Graphic Designer

10+ years making things look visually awesome. Sees design as a way of leaving a mark on society and instigating social change.


Content Concept Development
£3,450 + VAT
/ per seat
Build the business case & creative framework for your content
Hybrid coaching & consulting service
4 x engaging online sessions
Work with our team of experienced coaches
Custom setup of The OFP System
Follow-up check-in 6 weeks after project completes
The OFP System + Onboarding
/ per seat
5 x live lessons
10 x practical workshops
Guest fireside chats, with Q&A
Regular feedback from a coach on your work
1 year access to your digital workspace
Access to all the session recordings
Access private alumni group in our Slack community