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Build a sponsorship deck, media kit and guest invite pitch for your podcast in minutes, straight from your RSS feed.
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Designed for podcasters

Connect your podcast via RSS to display your live info

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No technical
skill needed

Fully customise your pitches without any tech knowledge

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Use our tried, tested & tweaked structure for your pitch decks

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Expert help
and advice

Access support from the OneFinePlay team

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the Pitch Decks

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Sponsor Pitch

Connect with brands for advertising & partnership opportunities.

View Demo Sponsor Pitch
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Press Pitch

Provide media & PR with the information they want, all in one place.

View Demo Press Pitch
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Guest Pitch

Reach new audiences by pitching yourself to speak on other podcasts.

View Demo Guest Pitch
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Invitation Pitch

Streamline the guest invitation and booking process for your show.

View Demo Invitation Pitch

PitchPod Features

Always Up-To-Date

Pod Overview

Using your RSS feed, PitchPod automatically includes your up-to-date basic podcast info.

Latest Reviews

Show your Apple Podcasts reviews to highlight the impact your podcast has made.
Mockup image of how podcast episodes show in the OneFinePlay platform

Episode Player

Our in-pitch episode player makes it easy to listen to the latest podcast episodes.
Icon of a padlock, in black.Mockup of the public / private functionality in the OneFinePlay platform

Make Private

Make your pitch private or public at the flick of a switch, giving you control of visibility.

Sharing & Analytics

Icon of a hand pressing a button, in blackMockup of various call to action buttons, on black background.

Action Buttons

Customise the 'call to action' so people can easy respond in whatever way you prefer.
Icon of a paper aeroplane to represent email Mockup of the messaging feature in the OneFinePlay platform

Custom Message

Send a custom email message with a link to your pitch, straight from within PitchPod .
Icon of a basic bar chart, in blackMockup of the batch sending feature in the OneFinePlay platform

Batch Sending

Share pitches with up to 10 people at once straight from the app, easy!
Mockup of the pitch analytics screen in OneFinePlay platformIcon of shaking hands, in black

Pitch Analytics

You can see who you’ve sent what pitch to, who's opened it and who's responded.

Advice on Best Practice

Icon on a hand holding a pen, in black.Mockup of a question and answer box in the OneFinePlay platform. On black background,.

Plan It Out

Brainstorm things we think are important to consider when developing pitching.
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Watch Videos

Our course of videos will give you the advice you need on how to write the best pitch.
Black Q&A iconMockup of sample answer videos in the OneFinePlay platform, on a black background

Sample Answers

For inspiration, watch ‘Sample Answers’ from other creators on their pitch learnings.
image of a text chat conversationImage of call to action buttons on a black background.

Call In The Pros

Our podcasting experts are available anytime via chat for help writing your pitch.


The OFP System
/ month
Connect 1 x RSS feed
Create unlimited 'working title' podcasts (no RSS needed)
Podcast artwork, info, episode player & reviews always up-to-date
Customise the CTA button for an increased response rate
Easily make pitches private / public at any time
In-app pitch sharing & analytics
The OFP System + Onboarding
/ per seat
5 x live lessons
10 x practical workshops
Guest fireside chats, with Q&A
Regular feedback from a coach on your work
1 year access to your digital workspace
Access to all the session recordings
Access private alumni group in our Slack community