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Coaching Session

Have podcasting growth questions? Stuck on a content project or campaign? Need some content production advice? Schedule a 60 minute coaching call (£249) and let us help you.

Podcast Production Agency

Working at the intersection of global brands and independent creators, OneFinePlay's award-winning team of storytellers and strategists harness modern-day storytelling to craft video podcasts for all platforms.





Our 'Idea To Ear' Workflow

An enjoyable and enriching collaboration is paramount for us. Our extensive and diverse background in creating impactful content means we're a reliable partner. Using our own process - 'The OFP System' - this is how a production partnership works:

Ideation & Pre-Production
[3 weeks]

🤝   Meet: We start by getting to know you, your dreams, and your aspirations.
💬   Talk:
Unraveling your ambitions, motivations, and the captivating story you wish to tell.
📝   Develop:
Our team works diligently to refine and shape your story into brilliance.
🗓️   Plan:
Together, we'll lock down an awe-inspiring concept, ready to take the world by storm.

[4 weeks]

🔍   Research: Delving deep, we uncover the intricate details that enrich your narrative.
📜   Script:
Our expert writers craft a script that aligns everyone involved with your vision.
🎯   Book:
Securing the best recording venue, we ensure you, your guests, and the ambiance are flawless.
🎙   Record: The spotlight shines on you as we expertly capture your content, online or in-studio.

Post production & Distribution
[2 weeks]

🎞️   Edit: With masterful precision, we sculpt and refine your show, leaving a lasting impact.
🔉   Wrappers:
Elevating your show with captivating intros, outros, and engaging ads.
📝   Show Notes:
Enchanting descriptions that lure your audience into your world.
🌐   Distribution:
Your masterpiece finds its home on all podcast platforms, ready to inspire millions.

Marketing & Strategy
[4 weeks]

🎥   Social Content: Our creative team generates tantalising clips and captivating social content.
📈   Growth Planning: Building a roadmap for multi-platform brand recognition and growth
🔋   Content Evolution: Iterative process of gradual and consistent improvement of content and production value
🔝   Engagement Strategies: Community is key to success for any brand. Producing a clear and sustainable approach to engaging an audience.

Success Stories

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Our clients include a diverse roster of established brands, globally recognised talent and independent creators.


New Podcast
/ episode
Production onboarding & podcast setup
Episode storyboard, research & scripting
Recording sessions, including technician
Post-production editorial & mastering
Video clips for social media promotional
Podcast trailer or sizzle for press & promo
Visual brand identity, hosting & website
Producer to co-ordinate end-to-end
Existing Podcast
/ episode
One-time show review & recommendations
Producer to co-ordinate production
Development of monetisation opportunities
Ad recording, tagging & insertion
Episode storyboard, research & scripting
Recording sessions, including technician
Post-production editorial & mastering
Video clips for social media promotional